Wednesday’s “What’s Up in the World?” [1.23.2013]

Hello Cortinians!

There are a lot of things happening outside of Creighton in our great big world! Here are some of the interesting, thought provoking and exciting things happening around us.

“The Moroccan government has said it plans to change a law that allows rapists to avoid charges if they marry their victims. The move comes nearly a year after 16-year-old girl committed suicide after being forced to marry her alleged rapist. Women’s rights activists on Tuesday welcomed Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid’s announcement, but said it was only a first step in reforming a penal code that does not do enough to stop violence against women in this North African kingdom.”


For all you environmentalists out there, I thought this tidbit about the XL pipeline was interesting. There is obviously growing pressure from congress for Obama to approve the pipeline but will the revised route appease the Nebraskan environmentalists?


Whether you love or hate Cats, apparently this New Zealand economist thinks the furry felines should be eliminated from New Zealand.


-Michelle V

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