Wednesday’s “What’s Up in the World?” [1.30.13]

Hello All! This week has been an exciting week for immigration reform activists in the US. After years of lobbying, advocating, and protesting in support of immigration reform there is finally a bi-partisan effort to make it happen.

If you missed President Obama’s speech about the plan, here is a link to watch it!


The Immigration issue is obviously important in the United States but  is also affected by and largely influenced by the world wide community. So here are a few commentaries, opinions and affects of the recent bi-partisan announcement from around the world.

BBC has a pretty straight-forward article that focuses on the basic outline of the plan. It also includes an interesting link to an opinion article about the reform plan by one of the editors.

Aljazeera seems to have a pretty positive response to the reform plan and strikes up interesting questions at the end of this article.

Mexican politicians are working to help cooperate with the US on this new reform plan and attempt to help secure the border and provide resources for those immigrants already in the United States. CNN international had more to say about it here.

I hope this helps to put this national issue more in perspective as a global issue. It’s important to realize that this issue is something that the international community is particularly passionate about and that affects many families and individuals around the globe.

-Michelle V.

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