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THINK: Snow Days and Educational Privilege

As I watched the snow come down late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning), I couldn’t help but have a small desire to have my classes canceled yesterday.  I’m sure many of you were thinking the same thing to be met with either excitement or disappointment yesterday morning as you checked your emails to see if you would have to trudge your way to class.  As I thought about it more, however, I realized that we should be grateful for the privilege to be able to attend a top-tier private university.  There are so many people across the world and even in the U.S. that have an intense desire to attend school and receive even a basic education.  Some of them would even kill for even the slightest chance to attend a one-room school dozens of miles away, and we (myself certainly included) complain about having to walk a few hundred feet to go to our classes.

I don’t think we ever fully realized how truly blessed each one of us is.  We all have so many gifts, talents, treasures, friends, and families that bless our lives.  I encourage all of you to stop and think about just one thing in your life that you feel truly blessed to have received.  A friend that was put in your life, a mentor that has taught you a lot, a favorite material good that has improved your life.  I encourage you to take the time to reflect on how this thing has made a difference in your life and just be grateful.  Take the time to appreciate what you have and what you will receive, and don’t be afraid to pay it forward.

p.s. I’m sure many of you have seen this video, but in case you haven’t, think of this the next time you are having a rough day or are struggling to embrace your abilities.

-Logan H.

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