Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

(This is the letter Madi read to us during community time last night)

Dear Heart,

Hi, how are ya? Sorry you might have been a little neglected lately, but I have really missed you. The big man upstairs sometimes likes to steal the show, and your patience always amazes me. Let’s catch up shall we?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately. Where I’m going, who I’ll be, who I’ll meet. It’s all really exciting, and really terrifying. What if I don’t end up where I want to go? Who will be there to catch me if I fall and I’m far from home? What happens if I change my mind or worse, you change? My dear heart, I’m trying to follow the path you lead me, but there is so much confusion in the way. I don’t want to disappoint, but sometimes what you yearn for is not what is expected of me. I’m a little scared, but I trust you.

Lovely heart, I see you beating in everyone around me. When I stop looking to the future for a moment, I see the people I am with. You beat in harmony with the people of my everyday. It’s a beautiful song when I stop long enough to hear it. And the moments when I’m really still? The times when I silence the chattering in my mind and the flurries in my stomach? Those are the moments I hear the whole symphony. I can hear the beats of the hearts in far away lands that yearn for things I yearn. I hear their humanity, I feel their pulse. It radiates through me. I feel alive in these moments, yet they are so few. Knowing this feeling though, I will never stop searching for it. I may lose sight. The eyes that blind me to real truths claim they are reality. I will question them. I will challenge the “real” and search for the true. I will do this all for you. So that you may link up to the beautiful hum of life, and flourish in every second of every day. You will be heard.

Finally heart, sometimes I look to the past. I try to recreate the melody that once was and feel saddened when I know it will never return. There have been one too many verses so that I can hardly remember the opening chords. But, in looking back, something magical happens. I see how different melodies were weaved into mine in such perfect harmony that I didn’t even notice their existence. With your help, sweet heart, let me hear those songs. Let me revel in the majesty that is the world’s inner workings. Open my ears to this wondrous work of art so that I may appreciate it in all it’s intricacies. This is my promise to you: I will no longer repress your beat and I will take time to hear the reverberations around me. I will let the music be made.

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