Tuesday Newsday [2.12.12] Special Edition

So, usually I divide this post into Local and National news, but there is SO MUCH happening internationally, that we are going to temporarily change the tune of this post. Yeah? Cool.



No, that was not a spoof from The Onion like I first assumed. It’s real. This first-time-in-600 year resignation is going to have tremendous implications for the Catholic Church and the entire world. Read about it here.

North Korea Conducts 3rd Nuclear Test

Yeah, yikes. Fortunately, the good ‘ol K.C.N.A. reported there was “no damage to the surrounding ecological environment.” Other than, you know, the part where it was eviscerated. Read the New York Times report here. 

France advances same-sex marriage bill through the National Assembly

It’s not law yet, but this is a huge victory. The law, which allows both marriage of and adoption by same-sex couples, has been fiercely fought in the French political sphere. Read about it here.

Senate panel approves Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Also, not yet official, because Hagel must still be approved by the entire senate. Hagel, the republican from Nebraska, has been criticized by Republicans like S.C. senator Lindsey Graham for being “anti-Israel,” which Hagel and all of his supporters say is simply untrue. Read the report here.

Wrestling no longer an Olympic Sport

The oldest Olympic sport is no longer an Olympic sport. Read the ABC report here. Pardon the horrid body slam puns.


Seriously, I leave the world alone for one week and look what happens. Guess I’ll blog more faithfully from now on. Thanks for reading!

Stay informed, my homies.


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