Tuesday Newsday [4.9.13]: Margaritas, Margaret Thatcher, and Mitch McConnell

Happy Tuesday!

What do alcoholic beverages, the Iron Lady, and the senior senator from Kentucky all have in common?

They are all in this week’s issue of Tuesday Newsday! Let’s check it out.


The Alcohol

Some California lawmakers want to extend the state’s last call law from 2am to 4am. It has already encountered intense opposition from some lawmakers and local law enforcement, citing new added dangerous and burdens on the police force. The bill has, however, sparked serious excitement from some bar owners, potential tourists, and this guy:

He loves politics.
He loves politics.

If passed, this legislation could significantly alter precedent for last calls around the country. Read the Houston Chronicle’s article here.

The Iron Lady

"Love her or hate her, she transformed Britain."
“Love her or hate her, she transformed Britain.”




In case you haven’t heard, Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of
Great Britain, died this week. Thatcher was simultaneously one of the most
loved and hated political figures in British politics–which is saying a lot.
Read the TIMES article about her here.

The Senator from Kentucky

Mother Jones, the independent news organization responsible for releasing footage of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s infamous speech in which he called 47% of Americans “dependent,” has released audio of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) and his staff in a campaign strategy meeting, in which they discussed how to squelch the potential candidacy of Ashley Judd in the 2014 midterm senate election. McConnell, pictured here:

The senior senator from Kentucky
The senior senator from Kentucky









Wait, no. Pictured here:




is recorded with his staff discussing how to best frame Judd as poorly as possible, discussing her mental health history and religious views and how to best use them in political campaigning. The McConnell campaign has responded by demanding an FBI investigation of how Mother Jones acquired the recording, accusing the organization of “watergate-style tactics.”

Read the original Mother Jones article here.





Thanks for reading! Happy Tuesday.

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