Community Engagement

Community Partner Bash!

Cortina Community 2013-2014
Cortina Community 2013-2014

This past Sunday we embarked on a journey of community building and service. We thank all of our community partners for their time and for all the work that they’re doing. It was amazing to see all of our Cortina members, Formation Group Leaders and community partners all in one room, hoping, envisioning and praying for a year full of service, challenges and advocacy.

As we enter this year of partnership and service amongst the community,

 ~ We pray for health: for the energy to do the good work which has been given to us.

 ~ We pray for safety: for the protection given to those who go into precarious places to proclaim peace.

 ~ We pray for friendship: for the mysterious bonds that knit us together across the aisle of difference and make life all the richer.

 ~ We pray for hope: for the creativity to meet challenges head on with the knowledge that difficulty is an opportunity to grow and to be surprised by redemption.

 ~ We pray for change: for the hearts, minds, structures, and systems that create our community to be open to alteration and movement that produces flourishing both for ourselves and for those around us.

 ~ We pray for those things we don’t know that we need yet: when we need them, may we be blessed with the humility to ask and to receive.



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