Humans of Cortina

Revelations of the Past Two Weeks by Jordan Allen

In the past two years I have started more than a dozen blog posts, but I have never posted one.

Why? I lacked both motivation, courage and inspiration.

Today is a new day.

Last week and this week have left me with quite a few questions about how I have been leading my life and the way I see the world and those around me.

For quite sometime I have thought of myself as this insignificant blob in the corner who had no voice and nowhere to go.

I sit here smirking at that idea. For so long I thought I had no say in life.I had no say in how people treated me. Had no say in how people treated those that I love as well as those that I dislike. For some reason these past two weeks have made me seriously question all of this.

As part of a community that deals with society, morality and such I feel this is a good turn of events.

For most of my life I have felt invisible. Being different was never something I was proud of because I constantly got bullied all throughout grade, middle and high school and then I got to college and things began to change. I suppose that isn’t completely accurate, things started changing my senior year of high school and haven’t stopped since.

We recently conducted a “social experiment” and the outcome of this has left me pondering. We played the game of “life.” Each person received a name tag with two letters on it and those letters dictated everything about our life, from our social class to sexual orientation. I was the lowest.

Each floor of Deglman was a different thing in life, like a bank, education, job office and the basement acted as the jail. At first I, and most of my counterparts had no idea what the letters on our name tags represented but it became clear pretty fast. Everyone that belonged to the higher classes as it were and got everything basically handed to them while the rest of us were constantly ignored and shoved to the side. Many of us were even sent to the mock jail just because of the letters on our chests.

This really angered me, but also got me thinking about how truly ignorant I am. I have no idea what its like out there in the real world, here I sit worried about what my major is or what I’m going to wear tomorrow while people are actually living their lives like that experiment.

I am just one person in this world and my life isn’t nearly as awful as I like to make it seem. I have a roof over my head, I go to a good school, I have food everyday, I have the ability to do whatever I want. I think that night really put quite a few things into perspective: its time to stop complaining and take action. I have a voice and it is my job to use it when others can’t. People live their lives worrying about whether or not they are going to get to eat, or if they have a bed to sleep in. People get ignored and pushed aside because of their ethnicity and sexual orientation all the time and that really bothers me.

Don’t worry tomorrow I’m going to tackle more of my revelations from the past two weeks.

Much love.

– Jordan A.

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