Mapping Public Arguments in Omaha


It was my honor to teach two sections of English 150: Rhetoric and Composition specifically for students in the Cortina Community this semester. Thanks to a course development grant from the Creighton College of Arts and Sciences, I collaborated with Annie Dimond, the director of Cortina, undergraduate student Gretchen Stulock, and graduate student Catherine Walsh to design a composition curriculum specifically for Cortina students.

I so enjoyed getting to know the amazing first-year class of Cortina, who consistently impressed me with their diversity of thought, engagement in learning, and enthusiasm for our unique approach to writing, which included identifying examples of propaganda on Creighton’s campus, discussing the meaning behind gang graffiti, and a field trip to the Benson neighborhood to learn about local businesses and community development.

For their final project, the students were challenged to analyze how public spaces and places make “arguments” that influence the way people think about a space. Students selected a site in the local Omaha area, visited their site to speak to local residents and take photos, conducted online research, collaboratively wrote their analyses, and posted their work to a publicly available Google Map. I invite you to click on the projects and learn more about public arguments in Omaha and see some of the excellent work of English 150: Cortina Composition.

Link to Mapping Project:

-Dr. Faith Kurtyka

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