Homelessness and the Unsurpassable Worth of Humans

During Sunday’s Community Time, we had a very special guest, Robbie Goldman, speak to us about the issue of homelessness and share stories about people living on the streets of Denver. He works for a non-profit organization called Dry Bones Denver, which works with youth who are experiencing homelessness.


Dry Bones’ mission is:

“In the context of relationships, practicing the way of Jesus, we meet spiritual and physical needs of homeless and street-connected youth and young adults. We seek to equip and inspire all involve to relieve suffering, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love.”

Robbie also spoke about how Dry Bones works to make sure that every human they encounter knows these three things in a complete, transcendent way:

1. You have unsurpassable worth.
2. You are unconditionally loved.
3. You have absolute security.

As a community, we were asked to define homelessness and came up with a wide range of definitions that fit the word.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.04.46 PM

After a discussion as to what homelessness is and the reason behind its existence, we split up into our different majors or areas of study to answer the question: how can we use our skills or knowledge to end homelessness?

Great conversations took place, but now what? Here are various ways people are working to end homelessness and ideas for how you can participate, specifically in the Denver area:








Politics & Government:

City Planning: “As a city planner, I learned that plans involving the affected groups, whether a neighborhood or a business area, work best, with public participation by those directly affected. Denver Homeless Out Loud has a strong belief that these several thousand homeless citizens must be consulted in finding solutions.”

Comment below with ways you see people working to end homelessness in Omaha or your hometown or ideas you have using your skills or knowledge.

And special thank you to Robbie Goldman for taking the time to come to Creighton to speak to us and inspiring us all!

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