Social Justice Songs of the Week: “What If” by Five For Fighting and “Another Man’s Shoes” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

Today I want to focus on perspective. With my last entry, I tried to focus on how we can “be light” for others as members of the Cortina Community. I think that perspective is a really important part of this idea.

This week I have two songs. The first song is “What If” by Five for Fighting. Please listen and reflect and then read about how I think it can relate to Cortina and then close by reflecting to the second song, “Another Man’s Shoes” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

The lyrics of this song are powerful. The first time I heard it, all I could think was “WOW.” Think about it…

What if I had your heart?
What if you wore my scars?
How would we break down?
What if you were me and what if I were you?

That’s pretty deep. To me, we should keep this in mind as we do service. If we make the service all about ourselves, we can’t truly serve. Instead, we have to keep in mind that the service is all about the people we are serving. If we remember that they have a story, we can sympathize with them and begin to understand the struggles that they might be going through.

Not only should we remember this when doing service, but also everyday when interacting with others. We may not know what another person has seen in their life, what they value, what their dreams are, etc. But keeping an open mind to what they have to say and what they think can help us to grow immensely. For example, maybe the person who frustrates you, annoys you, or won’t leave you alone just needs a friend?

I hope that all of this might sound familiar to the Cortina Community after Sunday’s community time. On Sunday we watched an episode of “30 Days” about immigration. A man was vehemently opposed to illegal immigration, so much so that he worked as a minute man on the border. After living with an illegal immigrant family for 30 days, visiting their family back in Mexico, and seeing their living conditions, he saw their perspective. He understood why they left Mexico for the United States. As we continue this week, I hope that we can all keep in mind that other people have stories and that we should not be so quick to judge. Instead, take a look at life from their perspective. Maybe walk a mile in their shoes


-Ben Feiten

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