Social Justice Song of the Week: “Spring to Come” by The John Butler Trio

To all of our excitement, yesterday was the first day of spring, and it sure felt like it. I could not even believe how nice it was yesterday. Without a doubt, it was one of the nicest days of 2014 so far.

What’s the point of spring? According to the dictionary on my computer, one of the definitions of the word “spring” is to “bring about the escape or release of (a prisoner).” Personally, I kind of like this definition. We all know about the reference of “new beginnings” that comes with spring, but I think this definition provides a new and unique, but still similar perspective. To be honest, after these Omaha winters, I practically feel like a prisoner, and days like today, when I can walk down the mall without a coat, I feel like I’ve just made bail.

This week’s song is “Spring to Come” by The John Butler Trio. As always, please listen and then reflect before reading what I have to say about the song.



I think all of us can relate to waiting for spring to come. As I have mentioned, the winter here can be unbearable, and it is incredibly refreshing to have a new beginning. Personally, I find solace in the very end of the song. Butler sings, “Out of the darkness, only light can come. After a lonely long night comes the sun.” I think that this is what spring is all about. After being prisoners to darkness, winter, loneliness, schoolwork, or whatever it might be, there’s always tomorrow. I think that this is an important thing to keep in mind. No matter how bad things might get, we always have hope for tomorrow.

With regard to Cortina, I think that we can find a lot of truth in this song. If not from this song, we can at least take truths from the idea of spring. I know that sometimes it might be hard for us to make it to our service sites every week because we are often prisoners to our schoolwork. However, this is a time of new beginnings and releasing ourselves from those kinds of binds. Perhaps it is good to take a break, become rejuvenated by your service in the community, and then come back to start anew on your schoolwork.

Furthermore, looking at the aspect of loneliness, I think it is important that we work this spring to establish even stronger relationships in the community. In The Cortina Community, and everywhere for that matter, nobody should have to deal with a “lonely long night” that Butler describes. With the end of the semester approaching, please make an effort to reach out to fellow Cortinians, people at your service site, and people all around campus. I will try to do the same, but we all must hold each other to this standard. I hope we can all start anew this spring and remember that “out of the darkness, only light can come.”

-Ben Feiten

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