JPS Seminar Series: “Female Chauvinist Pigs”

This post is the first from the six Justice and Peace Studies seminar classes. Each class has spent the semester reading a different book that focuses on a certain social issue or topic. After the groups did a presentation on their book during Sunday Community Time, members of the class were asked to complete a follow-up blog.

Feminism has definitely evolved since it first came about in the 20th century. It first focused on various issues such as voting rights, equality in the workplace, and the rights to our own bodies. Nowadays being a woman has changed into something that our sisters of the original feminist movement would shudder to see.

In Ariel Levy’s book “Female Chauvinist Pigs,” she suggests women are oppressing their own gender by displaying themselves sexually. She uses examples such as women’s clothing, their involvement with “Girls Gone Wild,” “Playboy,” and even sexually driven parties. Women are not only participating in these activities and events, but they are running the show as well as employees and CEOs of companies that “sell sex.”

Levy argues that these aspects are holding women back, but is this just a new way of women taking more control over themselves? Some argue that women’s increased sexual behavior is a path to empowerment and true self-expression. Levy generalizes that women want to be sexy in order to feel worthwhile, but it is possible that some women dress and act sexy for their own desires. It may make them happy, and criticizing their pursuit of happiness could be the greatest form of oppression.



This video shows the way the world would be if the roles of men and women were reversed. It seems so strange that people would be saying these types of things to anyone, but it’s true that women get treated the way the man in this video was treated. Men analyze our bodies and clothes, we’re treated as if our opinions don’t matter, and sometimes we are outright dominated by men. This video serves as a wakeup call; if it’s strange to see a man treated like this, why is it any better when a woman is treated this way?



This short video shows us what women went through in the past and what they are still going through in the present in certain countries. In the United States, for example, women have come a long way. Women and young girls are more respected and most of them live their age accordingly. However, it is important to keep in mind the countries where girls and women are mistreated. The question to ask here is:  Is it really men’s fault for disrespecting the other gender, or the women’s fault for not defending themselves?

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One thought on “JPS Seminar Series: “Female Chauvinist Pigs”

  1. I think the issue of women’s rights and empowerment world-wide is far too complex to discuss in one fell swoop, probably even for just the United States alone. In the name of “empowerment”, we now have an uprising of female narcissism, and at the same time, we struggle with oppression of women through sex trafficking.

    Despite the fact that the Catholic Church has done much for the cause of feminine equality, I think Pope Francis got it right in his interview with America Magazine when he said we still have yet to develop a sufficient theology of woman. In my opinion, until we understand thoroughly and adopt a belief ourselves of how God created Woman and who he created her to be, we will continue to flounder for true equality and for a lived image of woman that matches her true dignity.


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