Corteama Series: Introducing Madi Felipe

Hi friends! It’s Madi Felipe here, your Formation Time Chair extraordinaire. Hayley asked at our last Corteama meeting that everyone on the Core Team write something about themselves for the blog. I decided I like procrastinating and talking about myself, so here I am writing this blog post instead of studying.

A few very important things you should know about me are that first I am from Southern California, and I love it a lot. My mom is always saying I should bring my friends home to visit, so if any of you reading this don’t have anything to do for Christmas, you have a place at my home…in Southern California…where there are beaches…and you can tan on Christmas…and my mom makes really good food…and we have a cookie party before New Years where we literally invite people over and don’t let them in the house unless they have brought homemade cookies to share….so maybe you should come over. Second, I really love my dog and my friend’s dog. Their names are Napoleon and Judy and they are beautiful and perfect in every way.

Nappy and Judy ready for the cookie party!

Then there is my cat Veronica. She is fat, but she takes better photos than me. That is all.


I am a senior psychology major with a Spanish minor. I love to exercise and have most recently been into crossfit, power lifting and yoga! I’m a building supervisor and Group Fitness Instructor at the KFC and Rasmussen Center. If you want to talk to me about any of these things please let me know. I won’t shut up about them. Seriously. Ask my roommates. Speaking of roommates: FUN FACT – I LIVE WITH SARAH PERAUD AND EMMA RASMUSSEN. Both of those ladies I got to know through Cortina. Cherish these friendships, my ducklings, cherish them. P.S. we take a lot of selfies…

selfie1selfie3 selfie2

I have a sister and three half-brothers who live all over the states. They are cool. I like my parents. They are cool, too. I have three tattoos that I like a lot. And before anyone asks, no, I did not get the tree on my back because of Cortina, but rumor has it I did. Who can say?


Okay, I think you know enough about me now. If you wanna chat, I really like coffee. What I like more than coffee are people who buy me coffee. If you don’t want to buy me coffee, we can go to a coffee shop and you can watch me drink coffee that I bought all on my own. Or we can get food. I like that. Basically I want to hang out with you, but like not in a creepy way. Okay, I think I’ve been creepy enough as it is, I’m just going to end this here. Bye.

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