Corteama Series: Meet Sarah Peraud

I read Madi’s intro Cortina post. Like Madi, I like procrastinating on homework, and I like talking about myself. So here we are.

I’m Sarah. I’m a senior formation group leader/recruitment chair. I’m a JPS major with French and Gender Studies minor from St. Louis. Please don’t ask me what I’m doing after graduation. It will probably involve law school.  (Please don’t ask details.  I will have a panic attack. You will have to hold me while I cry. It might get weird for both of us. )

I love sharing the things I love—that’s why I’m the recruitment chair: I LOVE Cortina. So I figured the easiest way to get to know me is for me to share a list of things I love with you.

I love my family (if you ask me about them I’ll never shut up. They’re seriously so cool.)


I love my house. I live with some real wackos in a house called Hollywood.

I love feminism.

I love my puppies (just look at that little face).


I love avocados.

I love pizza.

I love potatoes A LOT.

(I was super hungry when I wrote this.)

I love reading.

I love politics.

I love Restored Hope.

I love riding my bike. (P.S. I have a big car and a big bike rack and extra bikes. If you ever want to ride one, let me know. I promise I’ll want to go with you.)

I love how many places I get to call home and all the people I get to share those places with.

I love disposable cameras. (This is an excuse to show you super cute pictures of my friends.)


(P.S. Emma used to be blonde.)


I love getting to go on the Cortina journey for the third year.

I love you all. Hang out with me. Be my friend please.



Sarah Peraud

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