Love in the Ordinary & reflections on MLK Day

“Love doesn’t mean doing extraordinary or heroic things. It means knowing how to do ordinary things with tenderness.”
Jean Vanier, Community And Growth


As we begin this new year and continue our reflection on Sunday’s Formation Time, I wanted to share a few resources with you.  First, as Tom Shadyac shares, “We are all connected –   connected to each other and to everything around us.”  Thus, we really are powerful beyond measure.  What we do and say–no matter how great or small–has impact.  We truly can be forces of good in this world.

I know that I get caught up in the notion that I need to do something big and important and I let myself become entangled by my ego.  Often times, this results in my inaction because I become too overwhelmed by the prospect of actually achieving change, and I’m not too keen on failure.  So, it becomes easier to do nothing.  Yet, if I let myself step outside of myself (my way of being in the world) and take a good look at the world and those around me, it becomes apparent that every little action I do does have meaning–how I greet others, where I choose to shop and how I choose to get to the store.  Little things have big impact.

To inspire your continued reflection, I recommend the following podcast from On Being: The Art and Discipline of Nonviolence with Civil Rights activist, John Lewis.  In the podcast, Lewis talks about the power of love and the power of love in action.  I think he addresses the challenge we were left with in the Documentary I Am.  Both challenge us to pray with our feet, “to do all that we can do while we occupy this space” (Lewis).

You are the solution.  I AM the solution.  WE ARE THE SOLUTION.



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