What’s Up In The World Wednesday

On this brisk, February Wednesday there is much going on in the world!

ISIS Kill List: A senior US official revealed that the United States has a secret list of the top ISIS personnel in Iraq and Syria it hopes to target in future airstrikes. This news has been divulged after the public executions of foreign civilians. Pope Francis has recently deemed the ISIS killings as “barbaric.” You can read more about the United States’ plan to attack ISIS members here.

2016 Presidential Race: While 2015 is only a couple of months in, the 2016 presidential election is already highly anticipated. Both republican Mitt Romney and democrat Elizabeth Warren have already announced that they will not be in running, but there is much excitement about who might run. Many see this race as belonging to Hilary Clinton, who a majority of Americans believes represents the future, which you can read about here. To see a full list of potential presidential candidates you can look here.

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