Cortina Podcast Now Live!

Get excited because you can now listen to “What Would Jon Cortina Do?” — the Cortina podcast — on iTunes or Google Play.  You can also check them out at SoundCloud.  See the titles and creators below. Enjoy!

Racism in the Modern World — Smiley Kotob and Kyle Armstrong
Where does racism come from? Where does racism come from and what does it look like internationally?

Misrepresentation of Minorities — Joey Wichep and Avelyss Roman
What is it like to be a minority on Creighton’s campus? What are some of the beliefs people have about minorities on campus?

Judging a Book by its Cover: The Real Truth about What’s Inside the Pages — Shannon Mulcahey and Sheri Tochiki
What are some of the stereotypes students encounter at Creighton and how does it affect our educational experience?

Striving vs. Surviving: Breaking Barriers — Loriana Harkey and Kara Harvey
How do people feel about homelessness on Creighton’s campus? How do we break down barriers between ourselves and the people around us?

Hunger in America — MaryAnn Rigo and Michelle Doyle
What are the effects of hunger in America and what can we do about it?

OMGMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms — Summer Nguyen, Jade Cameron, Natalie Lang
Who controls our food supply? What are GMOs and why should we care?

Sudanese Refugees in the Omaha Community — Eithne Leahy and Linh Tranh
What is the political situation in Sudan? What is life like for Sudanese refugees in Omaha?

Dependent Adult Abuse — Amy Dusselier, Delaney Peterson, Jeni Obman
What is dependent adult abuse? Why does it concern us as Creighton students and what can we do about it?

Love is Love, No Matter What — Anna Gerze and Kaylee Zhang
What are some of the views of same-sex marriage around the world?

The Care of a Community — Ed Nunez and Sarah Guntz
What does it mean that Creighton recently extended benefits to spouses in same-sex marriages? Why did Creighton do this and how does it affect the campus community?

Ending the Cycle of “Who Cares?” — Arash Hamidi and Peyton Schneider
How do issues like politics, immigration, climate change affect us as Creighton students and why should we care about them?

Alcohol in the College Lifestyle — Cristina Marquez and Tommy Walther
Why do college students drink? What causes and contributes to the drinking culture on college campuses?

The Psychological Effects of Bullying — Alex Banketov and Kareim Bakhsh
How does bullying continue to affect us as adults? What is the psychological effects of bullying on “bullies” and “victims” of bullying?

Chemical Allure — Rachel O’Neal and Kate Albrecht
What kind of chemicals are in the beauty products we use every day? What are the effects of these chemicals on our bodies?

What’s in Your Diet? — Katherine Crowley and Maggie Cooper
How does the food we eat relate to our everyday lives? How can our food connect us to our mind, body, and spirit?

Anonymity Online —Mateo Le Noir and Calvin Senteza
What does it mean that people can be totally “anonymous” online? How does online anonymity affect the way we communicate on campus?

Gender Inequality on College Campuses — Carly Kenney and Katie Rasmussen
What are some ways that gender inequality is important on Creighton’s campus? Why should you care about feminism?

Sex Trafficking in the Omaha Community — Mary Elizabeth Yeh and Sarah Kort
What is sex trafficking? How does it affect us here in Omaha and what can you do about it?

Gay Rights and Human Rights in Today’s Society — Sydney Kidd and Katie Riedell
Why did Creighton University extend benefits to same-sex couples? Why is this a human rights issue?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities — Sydney Lynch and Matthew Tran
What role do Historically Black Colleges and Universities play in the lives of American college students? How do they work to achieve educational inequality?

The American System and Pay Inequality — Vincent Salazar and Kaylee Stankus
What are the causes and effects of pay inequalities in the United States?

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