Community Engagement

Cortina Service Sites – Sign Up Here!


Exciting news this year!  You can sign-up for your own service site.  To do so, please click here.  MyCortina allows you to select your service site based on your availability.

Through the collaboration and support of representative Mark Panning with the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at Creighton University, Cortina students will now have the capacity to sign-up independently for their service sites during the year. This project was the brainchild of the Lieben Center Graduate Assistant, Hamed Poursharafoddin, and the Cortina Director, Kate Macan. This system is user-friendly and allows for students to easily access information on all of the different service opportunities in the program, while consulting their class schedule at the same time. Much like signing up for a course, students will be able to gain access to information about the site leader, the date, time and location. This platform, MyCortina, will facilitate ease of communication between all parties, student, formation group leaders and the Cortina director. Check it out and sign-up now!

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