Noticias & Updates!

Friends, blog patrons, and Cortinians,

Hello!  We’ve been on a hiatus these past few months.  Sojourning toward the end of another academic year and moving to a new location on campus–Heider Hall!

Since it’s summer, we’re able to breathe a bit and do some important work, part of which is re-engaging with our friends via social media.  Keep your eyes and ears tuned in, as we’ve got exciting things in store.  Possible blog features include, in no particular order:

  • Media Mondays: We recommend movies, documentaries, social media accounts, videos, books, etc. that have a social justice connection and include a short synopsis/review of our recommendations
  • That Good Info Friday (TGIF): We share uplifting stories of social justice efforts taking place locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Here we will highlight the work our alumni are doing.  Cortina folks work around the globe to combat disease and illness, empower youth, feed the hungry, and more!  If you know of an alum who is up to cool stuff, give us a shout out and we can feature him or her in the alumni spotlight.
  • Social Justice Hero of the Week: I think you get it.  I’ll skip the explanation.

Look for these posts to begin this summer and really pick up speed in August.

Until we meet again, stay cool!



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