Media Monday: Small Moments Matter

In the week following the shooting in Orlando, many celebrities, journalists, and internet personalities have shared their personal reflections about the tragedy. In this 6 minute clip, YouTube personality Hannah Hart eloquently and emotionally expresses the fear and uncertainty created or magnified by the attack in Orlando. She also uses this video as a call to action and provides helpful information and website links to aid in that action. This video provides great opportunities for both reflection and action concerning the recent tragedy.

Here are the links Hannah mentioned in her video, taken from her description:

You are what you do. Follow these step-by-step instructions here:
1) Ban the AR-15 from Civilian Ownership.

2) Contact Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control…

3) Did Your Senator Vote for Background Checks?…

4) Tweet Your Congressperson:…

5) …and more! http://www.30guncontrolactionsyoucant…

and for more motivational reading… “After Sandy Hook We Said Never Again. And Then We Let 998 Mass Shootings Happen”:…

If you have additional thoughts relating to this video and the shooting in Orlando or have a recommendation of a book, song, documentary, article or other piece of media for Media Monday, feel free to comment on this post or tweet them @CortinaTweets.

Have a great week!


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