Media Monday: A Different Perspective

Perhaps some of you are familiar with what I call the YouTube spiral: you get online with the intent to watch just one video, but you get distracted by the suggested videos on the side of the one you are watching and, before you know it, you have taken up quite a bit of time watching several videos, and you’re not entirely sure how you got to the one you’re currently watching.

It was during one of these YouTube spirals that I discovered Flipside, a series by creator SoulPancake. Flipside consists of short videos of 5 minutes or less that have some twist in their story lines that cause you to pause and look at the situation, and maybe at the world, through a different perspective. I think these videos function as short and intriguing reminders that the world is not always exactly as we perceive it to be.

Take a look at one of my favorite Flipside videos, Family Business.

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