That Good Info Friday (TGIF): Voting

This Friday’s good info is a little different. Instead of focusing on one topic, we’re tackling one giant topic: Voting.

The best info is that since we are on a college campus, we are all old enough to vote! No matter what side you’re on, voting is important because it is a way to be an involved citizen. All elections are exciting to watch, especially one where we have a woman as a presidential candidate and where there is so much to debate in our world. If you have the ability to vote, go out and vote!


If this is your first voting experience, make sure you know the facts- do your research, talk to others with opposing view points, and really think about what you are looking for in a candidate. Try not to let political ads, videos on social media, or unverified sources swing your vote. Also make sure you register to vote and/or check your voter status. Here is a helpful link to answer all of your voting questions: https://www.usa.gov/voting. Get excited because there is a lot of good information out to help you be an informed voter. Share your good info with friends about voting and get excited to witness such a monumental election!

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