What does Cortina look like?

Part 2: Service and Justice

In Cortina, we strive to not only have a strong community with each other, but to connect with communities around us through participating in service and working for justice.

Take a look below at some of the service and justice activities our members have participated in within and outside of Cortina!

Cortina Weekly Service

Below is a look at some of the service experiences Cortina students have participating in weekly service with our community partners.

city sprouts
One of our community partners, City Sprouts was named a finalist for the 2017 First National Bank Community First Awards earlier this year!
This service group that attends weekly service with YMCA Ready in Five took time outside of their normal service time to help a new mother.
heider halloween
Children from community partner Completely Kids attended a Halloween party thrown by Heider Hall, Cortina’s home residence hall.

Cortinians in other service experiences

Although weekly service is a requirement of all members of Cortina, Cortinians are alos encouraged to be involved in other service or justice activities to which they feel drawn.

Below are pictures from Cortinians who participated in Fall Break Service and Justice Trips in Indiana, Nebraska, Omaha, and Axtell, NE.

trip 4trip 3trip 2trip 1


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