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Social Justice Hero of the Week, JFK

Social Justice Hero of the Week: President John F Kennedy In the last few weeks our country has seen the national conventions for both major political parties, so it seems only fitting that this week focuses on one of our past Commander in Chiefs. While John F Kennedy’s presidency was filled with radical ideas, his… Continue reading Social Justice Hero of the Week, JFK

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Letters to a Future Young Cortinian: “Who am I and whom shall I become?”

My dearest Cortinian, “Who am I? And whom shall I become?” This is a question that has come to the hearts and minds of every single person I know. We are on a constant quest to know the path in which we belong, but thankfully God doesn’t tell us. He instead guides us, and lets… Continue reading Letters to a Future Young Cortinian: “Who am I and whom shall I become?”

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Tuesday Newsday [12.4.12]

It's time for Tuesday Newsday, late night edition! Primetime, if you will. Let's get informed. Local News Nebraska accidentally gave the Omaha public school district 6.3 million dollars too much last year. Oops. They are now deducting the money from this year's budget. A UNO research team recently completed a report of the economic impact… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [12.4.12]

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Tuesday Newsday [11.13.12]

Happy Tuesday! Political ads are no longer airing on television (thank goodness), but there is still so much happening around our nation! Let's check it out. Local News The OPPD is proposing a 6.8% price increase for electricity in Omaha, mostly to pay for the re-starting of Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant. This will be… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [11.13.12]


Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Anxiety

Letters to a Young Poet, Letter #4 By Ranier Maria Rilke My dear Mr. Kappus: I have left a letter from you unanswered for a long time; not because I had forgotten it - on the contrary: it is the kind that one reads again when one finds it among other letters, and I recognize… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Anxiety


Wednesday’s “What’s going on in the world?”

Hello lovely people! It's Wednesday and these are some of the things that are going on in our big world. Tonight's blog is inspired by a quick dinner that I shared with friends in Brandeis earlier. We talked about the large amount of privilege that we enjoy as college students at Creighton and it got… Continue reading Wednesday’s “What’s going on in the world?”