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This semester we have been learning about immigration. During one meeting, we watched the film “Lost in Detention” to get background knowledge about the current policy and treatment regarding undocumented immigrants. Currently a federal program called Secure Communities provides an option for local police forces to partner with the federal immigration services (ICE) in order… Continue reading Immigration

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Hello from Ambassador!!!

Since Ambassador is a new site this semester, we want to let everyone know what has been going on there so far. Ambassador is a long-term care facility for kids (and adults, but we work with the kids) located on 72nd and Dodge next to Creighton Prep. Most of these have tracheostomy tubes, feeding tubes,… Continue reading Hello from Ambassador!!!

Community Engagement

Completely KIDS – Norris Middle School location (Fall 2016)

On Tuesday afternoon, my service group and I drive out to Norris Middle School to serve the Completely KIDS afterschool program. Participants are Norris Middle students, ranging between grades 6-8. The mission of Completely KIDS is to educate and empower kids and families to create a safe, healthy, successful and connected community. During this afterschool… Continue reading Completely KIDS – Norris Middle School location (Fall 2016)


Media Monday: Inspiring Olympians

The Olympics are an opportunity for athletes from around the world to showcase their elite talents, abilities, and skills in front of TV audiences of billions of people. They are exciting, awe-inspiring, and fascinating to watch. This Media Monday showcases Olympians that deserve the spotlight for something more than just their athletic abilities. Click on… Continue reading Media Monday: Inspiring Olympians

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Social Justice Hero of the Week, JFK

Social Justice Hero of the Week: President John F Kennedy In the last few weeks our country has seen the national conventions for both major political parties, so it seems only fitting that this week focuses on one of our past Commander in Chiefs. While John F Kennedy’s presidency was filled with radical ideas, his… Continue reading Social Justice Hero of the Week, JFK


That Good Info Friday (TGIF): Voting

This Friday's good info is a little different. Instead of focusing on one topic, we're tackling one giant topic: Voting. The best info is that since we are on a college campus, we are all old enough to vote! No matter what side you're on, voting is important because it is a way to be… Continue reading That Good Info Friday (TGIF): Voting

Humans of Cortina

Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Muth

Our second alumni spotlight features Andrew Muth, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out a glimpse into his life as a liberation whatever! Cortina Community: Tell us a little about yourself, including details about your career, family, volunteering, and anything else you would like to share. Andrew Muth: I graduated from Creighton in 2008 and worked as… Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Muth