Student Experience

The Cortina Community Experience

The Cortina Community prepares students to connect their passion for justice with their future goals by challenging them to investigate social inequalities and difficult realities in a vulnerable way through the integration of discernment, service, examination of faith, purposeful learning, and living in community.

As a result of participation in the Cortina Community, individuals will:

  • Develop mutually beneficial and compassionate relationships with people who suffer injustices
  • Demonstrate awareness of local, national, or global social realities
  • Critically engage with questions concerning the meaning of justice and the causes of injustice
  • Reflect and act in the context of a faith that does justice
  • Grow in their understanding of what it means to live in community


The Cortina Community is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students begin participating in the Cortina Community during their sophomore year at Creighton University. During students’ sophomore year they live in community with other Cortina sophomores in Heider Hall. Living with other Cortina students provides opportunities for students to build strong relationship with one another, engage in conversations, and grow together through their sophomore year.

After students’ sophomore year they can continue to be involved in the community by taking on leadership roles and helping to shape the experience for the next group of sophomores. Cortina juniors and seniors serve as Service Group Leaders or as members of Corteama, a core leadership team responsible for different elements of the Cortina experience.


The entire Cortina Community gathers together once a week for Formation, a time to learn about different social justice topics. Formtion is planned by members of Corteama and often includes guest speakers from the Omaha community who are engaged in social justice work. Formation provides students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of social justice topics, challenges them to think about how to live in light of that knowledge, and allows them to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers.


Cortina sophomores take one class per semester together during their sophomore year. The faculty who teach the Cortina courses tie their course content to the other experiences students have in Cortina. The Cortina classes fulfill elements of the Magis core curriculum (Ethics in the Fall and the Biblical Tradition in the Spring).

Weekly Service

Cortina sophomores participate in about three hours of service in the Omaha community each week. Small groups of sophomores led by junior and seniors serving as Service Group Leaders go out into the community each week to work with various community partners. Weekly service, where students commit to the same site for an entire semester, allows students to build compassionate, mutually beneficial relationships with their Omaha neighbors.