Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Director’s Notes

This week, our External Communications Chair Emma Rasmussen is making her directorial debut with Creighton Theatre’s production of the one-act play “Exit, Pursued by a Bear,” which will be performed with another one-act “Gladys” this week, Oct 9-11 at 7:30 pm and Oct. 12 at 2 pm at the Lied Center. Here are Emma’s director’s notes on the play:

“This bear, exit, whatever… show you’re directing… what’s it about?”

I so love getting asked this question, because, one, I am actually (pinch myself) directing a show, and two, my answer tends to catch people off guard. I begin, “Well you see, its a smart, funny revenge comedy…” The person I’m talking to smiles and nods. We’re doing well! Smartness! Revenge! Comedy! “…that deals with the issue of domestic abuse.” Yeah, that’s a plot twist. Some people are fascinated, but many are uncomfortable, confused, or even take offense. Our conversation ends as soon as it began. I get it. Domestic violence is by not exactly good passing conversation. The bear in the room, if you will. Not something anyone wants to talk about. However, that silence is a significant part of the problem.

Domestic abuse is perpetuated by a culture of silence and suppression: suppression of victims’ voices, and of the female story as a whole. One in four women in the U.S. will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives. One in four. Y’all, that is unacceptable. That is something that we need to be talking about.

This show is the beginning of Nan’s conversation with all of us. And it ain’t your average bear of a conversation either. It comes with a side of expository theatre, your friendly neighborhood stripper, and maybe even a laugh or twenty. My hope is, this is a conversation you’ll be glad you stuck around for.

In the words of Simon, my favorite male cheerleader, BRING ON THE BEAR.

All the best,

Emma Rasmussen