Cortina Reflection, Formation

an open letter to my students who live in a scary world

Hello there Cortina-folk. THANK YOU for the rich discussion tonight. I think that these are issues near and dear to each one of us in different ways and I think it is important to acknowledge the frustration and fear that we might feel when we talk about them. Mostly I want to acknowledge these feelings… Continue reading an open letter to my students who live in a scary world


Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech

In my last year in College I set out to write an essay on the Art of Rhetoric. I had yet to find the country already lost to me in song and figure as I scribbled down names for sweet euphony and safe digression. And when I came to the word insinuate I saw that… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech

Some Thoughts

Dismantling Fear

The things that our country experienced on this day 11 years ago were horrifying. I remember leaving my science class in 7th grade so that the teachers could tell us all what happened. I remember getting home to see a tearful mother and neighbors in our basement watching the same film reel over and over.… Continue reading Dismantling Fear