Humans of Cortina

“I’m a Vege-a-vegan-a-healthy-a-confused-a-tarian”: On Ethics, Love, and Legalism

This has been a really strange summer for me, I’ve been taking two semesters of a really time-consuming class (general physics), and so I’ve had to put more effort into staying on a schedule in the summer than ever before. This leads me to constantly have to plan meals, when I will make them, and… Continue reading “I’m a Vege-a-vegan-a-healthy-a-confused-a-tarian”: On Ethics, Love, and Legalism


Advocacy Alerts

Thanks so much to the Advocacy team in the CCSJ for these reminders. Sierra Club No More Deepwater Horizons Three years ago, the Gulf experienced one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history, when an explosion on BP's Deep Water Horizon rig left an oil well gushing. The damage from that disaster will… Continue reading Advocacy Alerts


THINK: Water, Food, Energy

What does this video point out about the way we compartmentalize our consumption and production? How can we think through and design our systems in a more holistic way? (This is, of course, an advertisement. But, an information heavy one at that). How does this manner of compartmentalization crop up in other systems as well?