THINK: Creative Classrooms

My Dearest Cortinians. Since you have a snow day, take some time to absorb and enjoy these videos on education.

Tyler DeWitt on making science fun.
This talk brings up an idea that I have been frustrated with throughout my studies as a biology major—the “cult of seriousness.” I want to be able to learn about the world around me in a way that allows me to share that information with other people. This leads to a problem of accuracy versus comprehensibility. Tyler is a PhD student at MIT, and so understands the need for clear, accurate language between scientists. But when this language gets in the way of his teaching he makes funny videos instead.

Sir Ken Robinson on changing educational paradigms.
Sir Ken demonstrates that what schools need today is creativity, and how they came to be lacking in it in the first place. Also, it is animated on a whiteboard and gives a shout out to Jesuit education. Do you think creativity is more important than test scores?

John Hunter’s world peace game
John Hunter has recruited his 4th graders to solve the world’s problems in creative but realistic ways. It’s worth watching just for looking at the 4-foot tall multilayer game “board.”

What are your ideas for a creative classroom? What learning environment has impacted you the most? How can you bring your gifts and talents into the world of education?

-Lauren D.