Humans of Cortina, Justice

What Cortina Was To Me: Galvanizing

The Cortina experience gave me a very real and human perspective on some of the most pressing social justice issues facing our world today. Most notably, my experience focused heavily on immigration. Through a half-week service trip and weekly volunteering at Pixan Ixim in south Omaha, I was presented with a salient example of the… Continue reading What Cortina Was To Me: Galvanizing

Humans of Cortina, Justice

THINK: Snow Days and Educational Privilege

As I watched the snow come down late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning), I couldn’t help but have a small desire to have my classes canceled yesterday.  I’m sure many of you were thinking the same thing to be met with either excitement or disappointment yesterday morning as you checked your emails to see… Continue reading THINK: Snow Days and Educational Privilege


Photo Friday: Black Friday

From green beans and creamy mashed potatoes to cheap flights and great deals, millions of Americans, 247 million to be exact, found time this past Black Friday to make the most of retailers’ door buster deals and promotions, both in stores and online.  Many Americans stood in line for hours to be first in the… Continue reading Photo Friday: Black Friday