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What Cortina Was to Me: Invigorating

Three of my four college years were spent living and engaging in the Cortina Community. To say these three years were life changing would not be giving them enough credit. In many ways I am both jealous of and excited for the upcoming freshman class for the having the opportunity to be a part of… Continue reading What Cortina Was to Me: Invigorating


Tuesday Newsday [2.26.12]

SNOW EVERYWHERE!!! But, there is also other stuff going on! Grab a hot chocolate and let's get informed, shall we? National News 75 influential Republicans have signed a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court arguing FOR gay marriage. This monumental action may actually have an influence on the Supreme Court's landmark decisions in the Supreme… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [2.26.12]


Photo Friday: Dignity Shots

We forget that even things like Holiday cards can be a matter of separating those who "have " and those who "have not." While some are busy sending out the most beautiful picture of their beautiful children in front of a beautiful tree on their beautiful vacation, enclosed with a letter about all the beautiful… Continue reading Photo Friday: Dignity Shots