Cortina Interview Project||On Justice As finals for students are upon us, it seemed like an apt time to share this video of Dr. Anne Ozar (Cortina Professor-Sophomore Philosophy 250 class) speaking about Justice.


THINK: Emotion in Education

"If the communicative body is about the sharing of others’ embodied experience in their pleasure and happiness as well as their unease or suffering, emotion is absolutely fundamental to its functioning as embodied subject. So we need to find a way of better understanding emotion in human embodiment, and most particularly of attending to the… Continue reading THINK: Emotion in Education


Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

(This is the letter Madi read to us during community time last night)Dear Heart,Hi, how are ya? Sorry you might have been a little neglected lately, but I have really missed you. The big man upstairs sometimes likes to steal the show, and your patience always amazes me. Let’s catch up shall we?I’ve been thinking… Continue reading Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart


Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.” - Che Guevara I’ll preface this by saying that my political beliefs have been nearly everywhere on the spectrum. Currently, according to my voter registration, I am non-partisan, but judging by my hair, piercings, and undying love for Conor Oberst,… Continue reading Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature