Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?” [10.3.12]

Hey everyone,

The world is a happening place. Here are some big headlines:

Breaking news in Iran is that the rial, their currency, has plummeted in value, causing rioting and general unrest.

In Syria, the city of Aleppo is the site of 3 recent suicide bombings The city is split down the middle, with the government holding one side and the rebels holding the other. The struggle for control has now resulted in this tragic event, causing dozens of deaths and destruction of a large building. Also  in Syria, the border city of Ackakale is has been hit by Turkish retaliatory artilery attacks. Violence from all sides in Syria this week.

Northern Mali has been taken over by Islamic extremists, enforcing Sharia law despite the overwhelming opposition from most of the Muslims living in the area.

Indonesian factory workers from an estimated 700 companies are rising up in protest today, demanding better wages and an end to the use of contract workers. Indonesian factory workers are among the worst-paid for their labor in Asia.

Watch this Aljazeera video about the relationship between Israel and Turkey, its evolution and prospect.

What else is happening in the world this week?

Tuesday Newsday [9.11.12]

Happy Tuesday! Today we are encouraged to remember our past, but we should also be mindful of our present.
Let’s get informed.

Local News

UNMC is building a $300+ million cancer research facility. The city of Omaha and Douglas County are pledging to contribute about $40 million to help.

Here is one way they are considering paying for it:

Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer are having a debate at the Omaha community playhouse. I’m gonna go—want to go with me? Reservations required.

National News

Chicago public school teachers are on strike. Like, all of them. Today marks day 2:,0,4057997.story

Israel is unhappy with how the Obama administration is dealing with Iran:

Now that the RNC and DNC are over, Obama and Romney are still pretty close in overall polls (but there are some details that say otherwise):

As a congressman, Paul Ryan requested funds from the “Obamacare” legislation he is promising to repeal.


As you survive this busy week, I encourage you to be mindful of what’s happening outside of Creighton, because they really are things that affect us and our neighbors. Thanks for being informed members of your communities.


Tuesday Newsday [9.4.2012]

Good morning! Let’s get informed.

Local News

I know in light of the Presidential campaign and some people’s natural disdain for “politics,” it is easy to forget how localized and real political elections can become.

I think many Nebraska college students, myself included, can be guilty of assuming Nebraska politics don’t matter, and certainly not on the national scene.

This could not be further from the truth this year. The U.S. Senate election between Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer is one of the most closely-followed in the nation, and has the chance to tilt the balance of the Senate majority. Each week I will try to post at least one article about this election, because whether or not you “like” politics, they affect your life—and it is incredibly difficult to be a good member of any community if you are uninformed.
Here’s the article. It should give a nice look into one of the common talking points in this election:

Slightly troubling article about how Omaha is spending stimulus money:

National News

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s speech has been under some serious fire. He isn’t backing down.,0,3872415.story

Read Ryan’s speech here:

Patents are tricky:

I’ll keep my opinion out of this radioactive issue, but it is important that we stay informed on the discussion:

I hope this is helpful. Sometimes national reality–politics, economics, etc. can be stressful and unexciting at first glance. And second glance.
If we are to take ourselves seriously as members of this or any community, however, staying informed in a multitude of levels is crucial.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update on the international community! I like you all.