Alta Gracia on Creighton’s Campus

On Thursday, September 26 at 8:15am, 2 workers from the Alta Gracia Factory in the Dominican Republic will be on Creighton's campus in Lower St. Johns. If you are interested in hearing about the effects on lives and communities when workers are offered a living wage and good working conditions, this will be an event… Continue reading Alta Gracia on Creighton’s Campus


Advocacy Alerts

Thanks to the Creighton Center for Service and Justice for sending out these Advocacy Alerts this week!Protect the Environment Support protecting the environment by urging Obama to: clean up dirty power plants and double down on clean energy, say no to dirty fuels like tar sands, safeguard communities from the dangers of fracking, and protect… Continue reading Advocacy Alerts

What's Up in the World Wednesday

Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?”

With labor day past and the official end to summer creeping up on us, I don't blame anyone who isn't all that eager to hear about the evils happening in our world. So, I figured that for this Wednesday after labor day, as a little homage, we could focus on positive labor oriented things happening… Continue reading Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?”