Mapping Arguments in Our Community

While we often think about words making an argument, spaces and places make arguments too. For example, neighborhoods make arguments about the values of the people that live there and public parks make arguments about how people should spend their time outdoors. For the last two years, students in my English 155: Cortina Composition were… Continue reading Mapping Arguments in Our Community


Speech Communities: “So That’s a Thing” by Kaylee Stankus

“I have to write a paper for Cortina English on a word or phrase used in my speech community, so that’s a thing.” One phrase that I find myself, as well as my friends, using a lot is “so that’s a thing.” The literal meaning of the phrase poses a lot of questions. What qualifies… Continue reading Speech Communities: “So That’s a Thing” by Kaylee Stankus


Speech Communities: “Magis” by Kate Albrecht

“Magis.” A Latin word. A Jesuit Value. An utterance frequently heard on Creighton’s campus. “Magis” can be seen in colorful sidewalk chalk scrawled on the mall advertising the #MagisMondays, can be heard in addresses to wide-eyed freshmen during Welcome Week, and can be spoken in casual reference to the new Magis Core. Yet, what does… Continue reading Speech Communities: “Magis” by Kate Albrecht


Speech Communities: “I Can’t Even” by Shannon Mulcahey

This begins our series from the Freshmen Cortina Composition class about word choices in speech communities. Enjoy! In a world where Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram rule the lives of teenage girls, there are several new words and phrases that are dominating the pop culture. Social media has become people’s personal diary. Emotions are expressed in… Continue reading Speech Communities: “I Can’t Even” by Shannon Mulcahey


Mapping Public Arguments in Omaha

It was my honor to teach two sections of English 150: Rhetoric and Composition specifically for students in the Cortina Community this semester. Thanks to a course development grant from the Creighton College of Arts and Sciences, I collaborated with Annie Dimond, the director of Cortina, undergraduate student Gretchen Stulock, and graduate student Catherine Walsh… Continue reading Mapping Public Arguments in Omaha


Speech Communities//”Slash”//Rachel Pham

Is "A" or "C" the best answer?  Do I feel like having Rocky Road or Butter Pecan?  To be or not to be?  Harry or Peeta?  Whether small or completely life-changing, choices fill up our existence (so choose your ice cream wisely). Due to their constant presence, much of the value of choices has decreased,… Continue reading Speech Communities//”Slash”//Rachel Pham


Speech Communities//”YOLO”//Connor

Hello everybody! This is an excerpt from my speech community essay for ENG 150 where my word/phrase I analyzed was YOLO (You Only Live Once). We discussed the origins of the word and how it is used throughout our speech community and then what affect that usage has had in your own personal life. Whenever… Continue reading Speech Communities//”YOLO”//Connor


Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech

In my last year in College I set out to write an essay on the Art of Rhetoric. I had yet to find the country already lost to me in song and figure as I scribbled down names for sweet euphony and safe digression. And when I came to the word insinuate I saw that… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech


Monday Meditation: On Good Language

Last week we read about what David Dark says characterizes "Bad Language." This week, we see the other side of that: "But there are other utterances that counter the power of dis-membering death with wonderful words of life, words that serve to RE-member, restoring membership and belonging when they're spoken or sung aloud...Maybe we have… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Good Language

Formation, Justice

Monday Meditation: On Bad Language

Yesterday's community time focused on what we called "Just Language" or, language that does justice. The following excerpt talks about the possible harm that comes from "bad" or unjust language. Stay tuned for next week's exploration of what might constitute good language. "The question I'd like to bring to language, my own and everyone else's,… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Bad Language