THINK: Fall in Love

You might think that Valentine's Day is superfluous or silly (and I might agree with you), but perhaps a new way to think about love on this over-commercialized day: Nothing is more practical than finding God, than falling in Love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your… Continue reading THINK: Fall in Love


Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech

In my last year in College I set out to write an essay on the Art of Rhetoric. I had yet to find the country already lost to me in song and figure as I scribbled down names for sweet euphony and safe digression. And when I came to the word insinuate I saw that… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Beautiful Speech

Humans of Cortina

¡Buen Camino!: The Life of a Pilgrim

Those around me tell me that as a college graduate, I’m supposed to be preoccupied with my resumé, leveraging my education and diploma, getting ready for a career in my field and getting my life in order after the idyllic world of university.  Since I’m not working, I should be building valuable experience through a… Continue reading ¡Buen Camino!: The Life of a Pilgrim

Faith, Justice

The Eucharist and Solidarity

I know Cortina and the Creighton community are full of many different faiths and denominations.  I’m going to speak a lot about Eucharist in the Roman Catholic sense as the real body and blood of Christ.  However, it’s my hope that this reflection will be relevant to you wherever you are on your faith journey.… Continue reading The Eucharist and Solidarity


Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.” - Che Guevara I’ll preface this by saying that my political beliefs have been nearly everywhere on the spectrum. Currently, according to my voter registration, I am non-partisan, but judging by my hair, piercings, and undying love for Conor Oberst,… Continue reading Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature


Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness

"Admittedly, we all walk around feeling comforted and assured by specific certainties, but our sense of assuredness as true believers (whatever it is we claim we believe) need not preempt the possibility of feedback. 'We condemn as unacceptable...' is the opening phrase intoned by various groups in response to all manner of pictures, programs, or… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness


THINK: Architecture

I don't think that I need to be gifted at math or science to understand my role as an architect. I think good communities are made up of people who know that they are architects. Humans are adept at creating comfortable spaces for themselves—spaces that they’ve measured out—spaces that they know. I don’t like you,… Continue reading THINK: Architecture

Community, Faith, Formation

Monday Meditation: On Authentic Selfhood

"Hold still, we're going to do your portrait, so that you can begin looking like it right away." -Helene Cixous These words are chilling, and rightly so. The idea that we position ourselves to begin looking like a version of ourselves that someone else has determined is best  is no less than frightening. Cixous, a brilliant feminist theorist, meant… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Authentic Selfhood

Some Thoughts

The Journey Towards Worth

This semester I am doing an internship at Siena/Francis homeless shelter. Currently in my internship I am getting to know the guests and the people in the addiction recovery program. Every Friday morning at 10am there is a community meeting where we celebrate birthdays, sobriety anniversaries, and graduations from the addiction recovery program. Every week… Continue reading The Journey Towards Worth