Humans of Cortina

Photo Friday: Nico en Mexico (1)

  Today begins a series we like to call "Nico in Mexico." Every Christmas break, Nico goes to Mexico to serve the people. He captures the beauty of the experience on film. Lucky for us, he is kind enough to scan the photos so that we can present them to you digitally. If you ask… Continue reading Photo Friday: Nico en Mexico (1)


Photo Friday: Dignity Shots

We forget that even things like Holiday cards can be a matter of separating those who "have " and those who "have not." While some are busy sending out the most beautiful picture of their beautiful children in front of a beautiful tree on their beautiful vacation, enclosed with a letter about all the beautiful… Continue reading Photo Friday: Dignity Shots


Photo Friday: Girls + Education = ?

In response to the following charge by World Vision ACT:S, Elizabeth hung out in the common area to see what people thought Girls+Education equals. And then she took some photos: Educating a girl doesn't just change the life of the girl – it impacts her family and those around her. When girls receive equal access to… Continue reading Photo Friday: Girls + Education = ?


Photo Friday: A Cry for Freedom

Today's photos come with some beautiful text. Oscar B. Castillo wrote the following words and took the series of pictures you will find at this link. A chronicle of the freedom fighting in Kashmir. Kashmir: I found myself in the middle of that disputed, controversial piece of ground. It is another one of those magic… Continue reading Photo Friday: A Cry for Freedom