Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness

"Admittedly, we all walk around feeling comforted and assured by specific certainties, but our sense of assuredness as true believers (whatever it is we claim we believe) need not preempt the possibility of feedback. 'We condemn as unacceptable...' is the opening phrase intoned by various groups in response to all manner of pictures, programs, or… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness

Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday [9.4.2012]

Good morning! Let's get informed. Local News I know in light of the Presidential campaign and some people’s natural disdain for “politics,” it is easy to forget how localized and real political elections can become. I think many Nebraska college students, myself included, can be guilty of assuming Nebraska politics don’t matter, and certainly not… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [9.4.2012]