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A Climate of Hospitality

We are called to set tables at which natural enemies gather. At these tables we make room for conversations that are off limits and often taboo in others contexts. We make room for "the least of these," and give them preferred seating. We explore theological and ministry perspectives that sometimes seem subversive to the status… Continue reading A Climate of Hospitality


THINK: Wealth Disparity in the U.S.

Yesterday, people were sharing all kinds of great resources on the Cortina Facebook group, so I thought we might put them on the blog for the world to see. Check out this great video about the mis-perceptions we have about wealth inequality in our country. It lays out the the real numbers, the ideal numbers,… Continue reading THINK: Wealth Disparity in the U.S.


Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

(This is the letter Madi read to us during community time last night)Dear Heart,Hi, how are ya? Sorry you might have been a little neglected lately, but I have really missed you. The big man upstairs sometimes likes to steal the show, and your patience always amazes me. Let’s catch up shall we?I’ve been thinking… Continue reading Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

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Monday Meditation: On Bad Language

Yesterday's community time focused on what we called "Just Language" or, language that does justice. The following excerpt talks about the possible harm that comes from "bad" or unjust language. Stay tuned for next week's exploration of what might constitute good language. "The question I'd like to bring to language, my own and everyone else's,… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Bad Language

Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation: On Perception

Yesterday our community talked about "Reality" in our community meeting. Since our perception is intimately tied to our realities, it is important to enter into other's perceptions so as to enter into their realities. Below is a video of an artist who is attempting to challenge perceptions. How can you challenge your own perceptions? Whose… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Perception