Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.” - Che Guevara I’ll preface this by saying that my political beliefs have been nearly everywhere on the spectrum. Currently, according to my voter registration, I am non-partisan, but judging by my hair, piercings, and undying love for Conor Oberst,… Continue reading Molly’s Defense of Beauty: The Transcendence of the Animal Nature


Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness

"Admittedly, we all walk around feeling comforted and assured by specific certainties, but our sense of assuredness as true believers (whatever it is we claim we believe) need not preempt the possibility of feedback. 'We condemn as unacceptable...' is the opening phrase intoned by various groups in response to all manner of pictures, programs, or… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On the Possibility for Offendedness


THINK: Omitted Concerns

"This year, amid the presidential campaigns, we’ve heard a lot about the middle class. We’re told that such-and-such a policy was designed to appeal to middle-class voters. Another policy will strengthen the middle class. But there’s one issue I’ve missed hearing from both candidates’ campaigns: I haven’t heard a word about what they propose to do… Continue reading THINK: Omitted Concerns


Tuesday Newsday [10.2.12]

Good morning, well informed-homies. Welcome to October. U.S. National elections are only 35 days away, and that means it's more urgent than ever that we are aware of what's happening in our city, our country, and our world. REGISTER TO VOTE Voter registration is waay down this year, according to this article by the Guardian.… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [10.2.12]

Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday [9.18.12]

What's that? You want to be informed human beings? WELL OKAY. Local News Conservative groups are really upset about recent anti-LGBT discrimination laws passed by the city council. They want a public vote to overturn the decision. The World-Herald doesn’t have anything I can find yet, but here are two obscure links to the story.… Continue reading Tuesday Newsday [9.18.12]