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an open letter to my students who live in a scary world

Hello there Cortina-folk. THANK YOU for the rich discussion tonight. I think that these are issues near and dear to each one of us in different ways and I think it is important to acknowledge the frustration and fear that we might feel when we talk about them. Mostly I want to acknowledge these feelings… Continue reading an open letter to my students who live in a scary world

Community Engagement, Humans of Cortina

Encountering Strangeness on Spring Break

Many members of our Creighton Community have embarked on Spring Break service trips across the country. I am actually stranded due to a snowstorm at a McDonald's in the middle of Nebraska. But, we'll get to Denver, never fear!As we anticipate our time hanging out with people living on the streets of Denver, I am… Continue reading Encountering Strangeness on Spring Break


Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

(This is the letter Madi read to us during community time last night)Dear Heart,Hi, how are ya? Sorry you might have been a little neglected lately, but I have really missed you. The big man upstairs sometimes likes to steal the show, and your patience always amazes me. Let’s catch up shall we?I’ve been thinking… Continue reading Monday Meditation: A Letter to My Heart

Some Thoughts

Truthfulness or Truthiness?

How do we do the HARD work of seeking justice? How do we tell stories justly in the pursuit of justice? Sam Graham-Felsen has some ideas (From Apple’s overseas labor practices are deplorable. America and Pakistan would both be better off if we were to build more schools there and drop fewer bombs from… Continue reading Truthfulness or Truthiness?