Life in the Cortina Community Students from current and past Cortina years reflect on what they learned in Cortina and why the experience was so meaningful for them. Thanks to all who were interviewed and to to Nico Sandi and Emma Rasmussen for producing capturing the beauty of the interviewees and of the Cortina Community.

Humans of Cortina, Justice

THINK: Snow Days and Educational Privilege

As I watched the snow come down late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning), I couldn’t help but have a small desire to have my classes canceled yesterday.  I’m sure many of you were thinking the same thing to be met with either excitement or disappointment yesterday morning as you checked your emails to see… Continue reading THINK: Snow Days and Educational Privilege

Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation: On Perception

Yesterday our community talked about "Reality" in our community meeting. Since our perception is intimately tied to our realities, it is important to enter into other's perceptions so as to enter into their realities. Below is a video of an artist who is attempting to challenge perceptions. How can you challenge your own perceptions? Whose… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Perception

Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation: On Particularity

We went on a retreat this weekend. It was wonderful. We talked about the layers and work of community, about creating sacred space, about bringing our assets to enhance the life of the community, about becoming servants to one another, and about vulnerability. We began the retreat by acknowledging difference. We acknowledged the different places… Continue reading Monday Meditation: On Particularity